Here and now statement of intent

Lhâ... is a living installation, organic and multi-disciplinary (music, graphic design, dance, ...) who wants to travel the contemporary thought in ancient times... It is not a question here of overestimating the past and a fortiori to idealize prehistoric experience, but rather to suggest the obvious intellectual wealth of our predecessors so as to invite the current human to thinking about its own future...

The story aims to paint, from a morning to the other, a fresco of human evolution whose starting point is the Upper Paleolithic (the emergence of Homo sapiens in western Europe, 35,000 approx. before this time) to reveal all the audacity and question the result we want to give this exceptional adventure...
Between this humanity to the huge time and our descendants in progress, is "here and now", and our real incumbent responsibility: the transmission of values ​​and knowledge that have been the drivers of our evolution.

It seems important to emphasize that, despite extensive documentation and working meetings and long-term research (with Professor Marcel Otte, art historian,
paleoanthropologist, archaeologist / Tran QUANG HAI, ethnomusicologist at CNRS for voice techniques, for instance), Lhâ... is, above all, an artistic and spiritual proposal, which denies wanting to assert any scientific relevance.
The installation will revolve around singing, rhythm, dance and graphic design.
In the current state of linguistic knowledge, it is noted that no valid track is available on the usual language for this mentioned period.
Also, only the sounds (phonemes), vocal intentions and bodily expressions as well as rhythms, will express the different themes of the story.

N.B: in French "Lhâ..." phonetically sounds like "là" which means both "here and now"

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