Michel Claudic singing, musical bow, percussions…

Michel Claudic © Lhâ...He practiced choir singing in a set from a young age, then became self-taught guitarist to satisfy an insatiable urge to write...

Songwriter interpreter, he multiplies experiences and encounters, and carries four albums, from the rhyme for kids to songs for the older.

Meanwhile, big fan of Prehistory, he pursues a quest, a kind of archaeological and sonorous excavation of "first" musics. Using sounds of organic origin, developing different techniques of voice as well as the practice of the musical bow, he explores possibilities...

Under the pseudonym Jean Kerouault, he published in 2012 "Lhâ... (here and now)", a new paleo-novel which this show is an offshoot.

Christine Labadie dancer, choreographer, interpreter…

Christine Labadie © Lhâ...In the 70s, she left the athletic stadiums for Parisian dance studios after discovering contemporary dance during her university studies in Rennes.
. The 80’s, which saw the explosion of the French contemporary dance, will be for her a vocational and performer training in Paris in several companies (Jackie Marks from 1978 to 1979). Then from 1981 to 1983 she danced a duet with Benjamin Lamarche for Karine Saporta which will turn in France, Italy, Denmark and the Unite States (New York and Durham) as part of the American Festival.
. His 90 years will be more oriented towards teaching dance both at kindergarten and at the University of Nantes.
. In 1991 she choreographed and danced in the Nantes region a solo "Memoirs."
. Her meeting with Hervé Maigret (ngc25 company) will be decisive. Since 2002 she returned to her interpreter course for several creations:
 - 2002-2003: "The mirror of Oedipus’ trio
 - 2004-2006: "Low Mass" choreography for 10 dancers and three actors around the theme of family
 - 2004-2008: "The release of the day" choreography for five dancers performed outdoors on historical or natural sites or in museums
 - 2008: "The pleasures and days" solo played in apartment homestay or in intimate places (libraries, small theaters)
 - 2008: "And straight ahead until morning" piece for 7 dancers and 3 actors that plunges the viewer into the world of Peter Pan
 - 2011: "Tree" room for 5 dancers who plays around remarkable trees
. Since 2012, she danced for Frédéric Cellé (The large company Thrown): she contributes to the creation of "The vacuum cleaner" play for 5 dancers, a little girl and actress-author Pauline Sales who’s signing and interprets the text.
. In 2015 she will be Juliet in the new choreography for 8 dancers Hervé Maigret which revisits "Romeo and Juliet".

Aurélie Mouilhade dancer, choreographer, interpreter…

Aurélie Mouilhade © Lhâ... She trained at EPSE dance and obtained her state diploma in 2003.

From 2005 to 2011 she joined as a performer Dansomania company by Anne-Marie Porras in Montpellier (France) and participated in the creation of "Sarah", "Here" and "Nadir".

In 2007 she met Serge Ricci for the creation of "Mid-October" and "Trees on the ice." She has since participated in performances, including "Air Ball Pic Nic", "Where no court is not lost" and "Time area".

She also interprets among companies:
. Fanette Chauvy (Gradiva) for "Presqu’elles", "shadow Blood", "the verge of tears", "The girl with the golden name" and "A few nights with her."
. Olivier Dubois since 2009 for "Revolution" and "Tragedy" in 2013
. Florence Bernard (Group Wedding Dance Images) for "Pogo", "Punky Marie" and the solo "Coco"
. Frédéric Cellé (Grand Throw) for "The vacuum cleaner"
. David Rolland for "The stranger in paradise".

Since 2003 she teaches in schools and in various training schools.

Finally, she adds more strings to her bow by solid theater training (Patricia De Anna, Romain Lagarde, Elisabeth Pauguam) and music (piano Conservatory for 7 years).

Pascal Vandenbulcke flutes, singing…

Pascal Vandenbulcke © Lhâ...Composer, arranger, musician poly shape and multi-instrumentalist: flute, accordion, keyboards, percussion.

The Conservatory of Nantes, through the Sorbonne musicology, distinguished as a soloist in jazz competition of Defence in Paris: its route does work with Geoffroy Tamisier, Didier Squiban, Alban Darche, the Mulda group, Georgi Kornazov. ..

He also worked with dance companies (Cie Kissowa), theater (Night Theatre) and for young audiences (with Chel).

He has worked on fifteen albums and stage experience is more than confirmed ... always at the service of music.

Bruno Blandy singing, water drums, percussions…

Bruno Blandy © Lhâ...Poly-instrumentalist and multifaceted musician, he enriches its classical learning trips to traditional sources of music: Cuba, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago, Mali, Martinique.

The many and various musical groups which he was originally, and his experience as a conductor of a steel band composed of 40 musicians, enabled him to initiate children and adults to collective practice music by oral methods based on imitation, listening ...

It studies the various acoustic sound phenomena and becomes the factor of an instrumentarium made from "Recycling" materials. These are the same instruments he uses during dramatic or educational interventions.

Several albums and a multitude of concerts mark his rich musical career.

Syn-Anton singing, sound design, samples

Syn-Anton © Lhâ...Attracted by the different media and by the multi-artistic experiences, musician (guitars, bass) and sound designer, he composes for dance, theater, writing, visual installations, video, performance...

He has collaborated with several companies and international artists: Julie Legrand, Krzyszlof Wodiczko, Ann Hamilton, Vasco Araújo, Rhys Chatham, Von Magnet, Sakurako San, Treponem Pal...

His soundscapes are ambient, industrial and sometimes magical. Alive and organic, they attune natural sources of sound (noise, voice ..) and artificial (digital sound), which in turn send pictures.

Co-founder of Prasca label, he produced three albums, two of which will be distinguished in 2006 ("raw materials": nominated Qwartz [Search] Electronic Music Award) and 2008 ("Manolo on Juliet" Our Selection by Libraries of the city from Paris).

François Thoron light design, video montage...

After studying the techniques of the show, he has confronted with advanced technologies (production of Orange Chorégies, Alain Souchon, national scenes).
He has collaborated with Jacques Rouveyrolis Fabrice Kebour Laurent Castaingt, Alain Poisson, Urs Schoenbaum. He has intervened in theater circles (Savary, Chéreau, Arditi ..), dance (Saporta, Monnier ...), variety (Souchon Kaas Renaud.) And Rock (Scorpions Depeche Mode. )
He covered creating light in 2008 with "Le Bar des Stars" (Artediem Millenium), then "miousik Papillon" (Pierre Etaix).
In 2010, he illuminated the Stabat Mater by Dvorak.
In 2009, he began his collaboration with the director Magali Thomas Lighting Creation Carmen (Variety Theatre - Monaco).
In parallel he makes video recordings and media creation.
He is currently on tour with artists from the French scene (Gerra, ODB.) Or international (Cohen, ZZ Top.).

Anthony Deneuve Sound system...

Graduate of Crafts in Nantes
Ongoing editorial...